About Us

Our History

Meadow Ballet Centre was founded in 2010 with the motto ‘Teach with Love, Learn with Heart and Dance with Passion’.

Since then, our mission has been to provide a holistic education of the performance arts, ensuring that students acquire the skills to unleash their potential and pursue a passion in the art of dance. The studio first opened with one teacher and three eager students. It was their genuine love and devotion to ballet which sowed the seeds for the centre’s growth; inviting more dancers and parents to join the family. From this, we opened another studio in G Village in 2015 to accommodate more students and a wider variety of dance genres as well as to provide a high quality learning environment.

Meadow Ballet Centre is a welcoming and enriching environment for all students. Our history is layered with years of experience in exams, competitions and performance. Since 2010, we have competed in over 40 international and local competitions, winning numerous prizes and scholarships with students who have gone on to study dance professionally. Alongside the rapidly changing dance landscape, it is without a doubt that we have evolved greatly since founding yet despite this, our vision has remained constant: to instil authentic and willing attitudes to learning, nurturing true goodness and beauty from acts of love which will extend beyond dance education.

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